Malawian Underground Hiphop Emcee Sergius ( Real name – Frazier Yassin) has established a LEARN EASY CAMPAIGN that is aimed at reaching out to the needy learners in various schools in Malawi! His first task aims at helping out the needy learners with various items for teaching and learning plus Covid-19 materials in Balaka district especially at Dziwa School.

DZIWA is an educational initiative in a village in Balaka that help prepare young children for success in kindergarten, and through primary school. They strive to ensure that every child in the village has a level playing field when they begin their primary to secondary education. Catherine Fukulani, a veteran in education founded Dziwa in 2010 when she retired to settle in her village. She realized that the levels of illiteracy and drop outs were high, as the nearest school was over 10km to the village. Dziwa was born to help kids from the communities learn to read and write and she envisioned a program that would give those children the start they needed to succeed in their education.

Dziwa educational program hopes to have college students and community volunteers to work with kids in low-income areas. They provide a consistent and positive environment to help them develop the necessary skills. Dziwa promotes critical skills in language, literacy, and social-emotional development.

The school is funded through donations, revenue comes from individuals (currently runs on her personal funds to supply teaching materials, meals for pupils and salaries for the teachers.) and in-kind contributions. Astoundingly, more than 80 percent of the operating budget goes to the program.

As of now, they are also looking for at least 120 reusable masks for the teachers and some pupils due to this Covid-19 Pandemic.

As such, lets support the school by purchasing Sergius album, My Mother’s Child @ only 2000MK that will help fund the above-mentioned initiatives. Lets together support the future generation realise its dreams!

Thank you!


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