Binge started music at a young age in a family choir between 1984/85.I grew up around music(reggae).my uncle and my aunt used to listen to reggae a lot.Eric Donaldson,I Jahman Levi,Yellowman,Bunny Wailer etc.between 1994 and 2001.

I used to participate in Rap and Ragga music competition at Shire highlands hotel,Blantyre youth centre,French cultural center 2006 I joined a certain crew known as Natty Axe it was managed by Tiya Chalamwendo a.k.a(Legal Murder) we released several singles at Mc Studio engineered by The late Chuma Soko and in 1999 I was invited to join a certain group known as “Badmans Crew” which later changed its name to “Final Crest Crew”.

2001,me and Vic Marley(the late) organised a various artist music collection and we named it Ragga collection Vol.1.the producer’s were Llyod Phiri,Lameck Soko and Greciam Mokoena.the artists in the album were Baggo Thanks,Mad Character Crew,Mad Spark,Andy Banton was sold at O.G issa.2006 I released my first album titled “Uthenga ndi Zing’wenyeng’wenye” that features the Song “Zovala“.


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