Coctiz Veda


Coctiz Veda aged 19 born in lilongwe area 49 Dubai, real name mphatso salika is a reggae Dancehall artist who resides in lilongwe. He is the last born in a family of 3, him being the last one. He began his music career in 2012.

Despite being born from a music family he was influenced by his friend Amos Magalasi a big brother to ELI Njuchi. Coctiz veda comes from the Njuchi music group and is also a member of Njuchi zitatu which consists of Himself, Chizmo & Eli Njuchi.

They have been singing as a group for about 4 years now Releasing songs like “Far weh we come from”, “Girlfriends Friend and sabwelela. He recently decided to work on solo projects thus he has been working on his EP tittled POSSIBILITY. The Ep mostly talks of real life situations that people can relate to. He also decided to work on such a project just so as to entertain people for one of his major roles in music is to entertain the people, thus a fulfillment of the meaning of veda which stands for VEry Entertaining Dancehall Artist(VEDA).

The possibility EP has 8 songs that consist of I MUST, DINYANYA, CELINA, PROBLEMS and the like. The EP has no any collaborations as this was just a tool used to showcase how versatile he is as an artist. It was produced by Zupah and videlio.


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