Dematic Aixe


Name: Mcdonald winstone Banda
DOB: 25/06/95
Rapname: Dematic Aixe
Christian(CCAP St Columba)
I stay in Blantyre

Basically am a Hip hop artist..I like listening music and I like Punch lines.
Was born in lilongwe,at lilongwe central hospital, Now staying in Blantyre, being schooling at Phwezi, Blantyre Baptist acadamy mentioning afew…second born in a family of four….Now am a student at Malawi Adventist University(MAU) studying Bsc Agribusiness.

Growing up listening to Legend Matafale, wisdom Chitedze, Third eye, Dare Devils, Fredokiss, Gwamba, Eminem…etc..Inspired by the likes of Slessor, krazie G, Gwamba, Hyper, Evans Music and late Revolver..etc. Not Forgetting the G.O.A.T Hayze Engola

I had time to share with you some of my punch lines in my single called Just Bars which was prod by Manito…in this song I was just trying to be creative by playing with simple words…

Everything happens for a reason,when you fall, stand up and continue your journey and don’t look back… Life is a competition you have to be strong, You need to know the process of converting negavite into positive….

I like Urban Malawi Music and that’s a fact.




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