Disciple is my stage name, real name Festus Mkandawire. I am basically a business man (enterprenuer). I used to listen to KRS One (the teacher) and a whole lotta underground artists like Common, Jeru The Damaja, Guru, Inspector Dec. I was inspired by KRS One the most because he always stressed that Hip Hop is a culture and is aimed at inspiring as well as uplifting depressed or oppressed souls.

I wanted to be that artist with a difference, purely inspired by the basic and trues notions of real Hip Hop. So I read a whole lot of poetry just to sharpen my writing skills (lyricism). I always remained stuck with the main stream (underground) since the very moment Hip Hop found me and made me who I am today (prolific and dope spitter)

Again my deep love for it grew even more when I started taking part in Rap and Ragga competitions, where we could spit rhymes over cassette instrumentals. My crave to always win and be the best among the rest got me that killer-hunger to write even more and better. Back then we used to battle it out with the very best in the game, the likes of Ray C, Dafabro, Noxious P, BMS, Bingo, Dataz, Sniper J and many more.

Additionally dope Hip Hop shows like The Hip Hop Drill on Power 101 by DR Gwynz and Kenny Klips (the Duo) where only real underground hip hop was playing with Mcees kicking freestyles on the phone (it was a calling in program) was another motivating factor that made my love for Hip Hop grow even stronger.

I was only 13 years old when I ventured into music industry. There has been a lot of turbulence. The notable ones being school (college work) and lack of promoters (record lables to get signed to) and organised Hip Hop shows as it was back in the days. Also the negative altitude society has towards Hip Hop in general due to misinformation and lack of proper research to fully understand the culture. Again, Mzuzu deeply lacks motivation and exposure. I haven’t exposed myself till late coz my music was meant for the hood. I ain’t do what sells most, rather I sell what I do so I keep it real underground.

Back then, Power 101 fm had dope DJs, hosting dope hip hop shows;

  1. Dr Gwynz (now Jay Gwynz, based in the UK) was the god, I should say. His show, the Hip Hop Drill, airing usually 10-12 midnight on Saturdays was the mother of all shows, Hip Hopwise. He use to play strictly underground Hip Hop. Mceees could also call in and spit free styles live. This was a deep motivation indeed.
  2. Kenny Klips’ (may his soul rest in peace) “Sprite quench your Thirst Show’, usually airing from 6-7pm was another dope show hiphopwise. Again mceees would call in and spit their freestyles.

Both these made me personally love Hip Hop even more and entertwine with its deeper concepts on an even deeper level ✊.

I and B-tec are currently working on an upcoming Mixtape, “Dynamic Duo, the mixtape” to be released this year around June.


The duo has so far recorded 6 tracks. The project will have 15 tracks on it.The mixtape is basically an official and implicit statement emphatically stressing that regardless of what we have been through, we are still here, still carrying the cross whilst maintaining tradition (real Hip hop not mumble rap).

It is also about motivating and inspiring souls, for example we got joints on it like “Black life matters'” “living hard” “unity” “can’t you see (a love joint) “life in the ghetto” all these are meant for the most frastrated beings and soul across the globe. The message we bringing out is centred on “love” “fairnes” “Justice” “forgiveness” for us as a people created by God and in his own image.

We got the following artists we have featured so far:

  1. L Planet
  2. Kay B (Kwacha Bill)
  3. Zohah (a female R&B artist)
  4. Tar-war, the lyricist

We also intending to have the following on the project:

  1. S Voccay
  2. QB
  3. Profight
  4. Chaos

All these are prolific underground hip hop artists based in Mzuzu City. This is the city we rep (represent).

Our mission is to bring Malawian Hip hop and global hip hop back to the basics.

So after we drop ” Dynamic Duo, the Mixtape ” somewhere around June end I will push and finalise my personal mixtape, “The Copilation”, to drop somewhere in November this year.



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