Don Dredah


Real name Patrick Don phwetekere who goes by the stage name as Don Dredah is an artist from Lilongwe area 25. He started music in 2019. The feeling to do music is what made him to start doing music, music to him is a stress-free therapy.

He has been listening to Malinga, Namadingo, Chizmo and Tremour that’s where he’s influence for music comes from. So far, he has released 10 songs and one of them is Ndinu nokha. He has also coraborated in a lot of different songs with no album yet.

He wants to spread good music plus good news to people and that’s what makes him different from the other artists. He does don’t care what the people say about me. People should trust me, and my team Genohtype music were here to give people music they have been waiting for. On my free time I love listening to music plus playing games. Am a volleyball player. Currently, I am doing school, am about to write my MSCE examinations next year. Lastly, I am in a crew called GENOHTYPE LO@D


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