EL Disciple


Real name Macdonald James Malinje, Is the 4th born son in the family of 8 born on November 11, 1988 in Chilembwe Village, Traditional Authority Nankumba in Mangochi, Malawi and currently residing in Zomba.

He is an upcoming gospel artist and a preacher, who Started his music career at the age of 11 in 1999 through the church choir, and after getting inspired by his two Grandfathers, namely; Late Yohane Kaufa who was a church elder and could sing church hymns whole day at home with him and Late Tambala Chitenje whi was a well known local musician in Malawi.

Apart from being a church choir member he has also been a member of different choirs from primary to secondary schools.
In 2009 he started composing and writing his own songs and due to financial problems he recorded his first single “Ndakonzeka Ambuye” in 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa. The song was about confirming to the Lord God that Disciple is indeed ready to preach the gospel ti the world through music.

Recently he has released a debut album called Ndakonzeka Ambuye which is an acceptance to the God’s call of His Music Ministry The Gospel.

The album comprises songs of different messages mainly from worshipping God, glorifying God, praising God, encouraging others as well as to describing the greatness and mighty works of Holy Trinity (The God Head).

The album has featured different artists namely; S.O.D Cyrus, Veleria Nkhoma, El Skay and DJ Moo.

The name “Disciple” came after a revelation due to meditation of verses 21 & 22 of the book of St. MATTHEW chapter 4.
His second born brother and Disciple left their father in Muslim religion and joined Anglican Church in 1999. While having the same names as of those disciples in Matthew chapter 4, his brother being ‘Yohane’ as John in english, currently is an Anglican priest in the Anglican diocese of southern Malawi and Disciple now ministering through gospel music as well as preaching which resembles to those two brothers in the book of MATTHEW 4:21 & 22 who accepted Jesus Christ’s call to the extent of leaving their father to be His disciples and fishers of men and he thought of calling himself a Disciple of Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior.

They were actually motivated by the gospel of St.JOHN 14:6, up to date they call this verse as the origin of their salvation and the turning point to become christians and God’s servants.

Disciple’s main duty in committing WholeHeartedly into gospel music ministry is to help bring alot of people into the Kingdom of God that we are all called to be. (1 TIMOTHY 6:12).


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