El Generation


EL Generation is a gospel music group based in Zomba, Malawi. The group started in April 2020 consisting of members of Christ Word Embassy Ministries. It is managed by Prophet El Daniel and currently it has two active music artists; Oscar Amos, 24 and Rebecca Maosa, 24. The group also has it’s own graphic designer responsible for all the artwork; Erick Takondwa Kathewera.
El Generation was established to reach out the the whole world through music, teach people about reality issues and bring solutions to different people facing different challenges. It also aims to reach out to people who cannot listen to choirs or listen to sermons on radios and televisions. The group produces music of different genres to reach out to people with different preferences. It does not only target the youth but all ages world wide. El Generation is there to show people that Christianity is not a burden but rather a blessing; Christianity is a lifestyle that people should enjoy to the fullest. It also aims to encourage young people that they can also spread the Gospel despite their age and occupation ; using their talent for the greater Glory of God.


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