Franix Mw


Franix Mw real name Charles Mussa is a Hip-Hop artist from Mangochi. I am currently pushing my secondary studies at Orama Private Secondary School.

I used to listen to Hip-Hop music from the likes of 50 cent, Khalid and many others. My passion for Hip-Hop grew stronger that’s when i thought of going to the studio and give it a try for the first time. Of course i was scared but i over came my fears and this was back in 2014.

My friends motivated and inspired me from the first song that i released, this made me to believe in myself that I can do it. I am now able to record better songs than before because I worked harder, believed that I can do it and I never gave up on my dream.

So far, I have released one song titled Zikhomo from my EP that is about to drop soon. The other songs from the EP we’ll be released any point in time.


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