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Born in Thyolo District on 27th December 1994, Joseph Daniel Mwenemugamba Sukali is a Malawian writer, passionate poet and spoken word artist who happens to also be a part-time musician (for now).


He attended his kindergarten at Katawa in Mzuzu before he started his junior primary at Zomba Baptist and completed his senior primary level at Police College in Zomba. He started writing at the age of 14 when he was in form one at Nankhunda Minor Seminary in 2009. He later moved to Malosa Secondary School in 2012 where he sat for his MSCE where his immense poetry skills came to be known and appreciated by many. He pursued his Bachelors Degree in Theology at Mzuzu University.


In 2012, he started making music and by the end of 2013 Mwenemugamba became a house hold name in Zomba City because of his use of very creative concepts and deep chichewa vocabulary. His 2014 song “Moans of Africa” which featured Phagocyte and Special Dee that topped the chat on MBC tv touching base was initially just a poem that he had written while still in form 4 for his English creative writing class.

He has made sophisticated songs ever since like
1). Zikope Zachinyontho
2). Shakazulu
3). Moto
4). Bullet Proof

He is remembered as one of the most talented rappers that ever stepped in the corridors of Mzuzu University.

In July 2019 the word architect became a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Theology obtained from Mzuzu University. He became passionate about writing again when he was working at Chinamwali Private Secondary School as a history teacher.

He has written and published a book *Dealing With A Heartbreak: Therapy For The Broken-A Health Relationship Guide* which has become “the relationship Bible” for many people who have read the book.
He has also written over 50 poems and over 10 elongated articles that have been put out on different platforms. He has published most of his poems through his social media outlets including Facebook and WhatsApp. He has managed to get an international audience through his book and also by successfully having his article *Snakes Smile Beautifully* and *Don’t Take it Personally* in the Writers Global Movement (WGM) magazine. He has also managed to get local audience not just through his book but by having his articles *Three Reasons Why Cheatin bg is Non-negotiable* and *Love, Sex and Money: The Relationship Holding Trinity* published in the Mollywood Hip hop Magazine.


The introvert sanguine is currently working on different projects including a new book and a spoken word album. Unlike his first book *Dealing With A Heartbreak Therapy For The Broken-A Health Relationship Guide* which was mainly centered on love relationship issues and concerned with helping people find the best person to fall in love with and how to keep a health relationship and also demonstrate how one can handle and deal with a break up when things fall apart, the new book Sukali is working on is a poetry anthology that has a wide rage of thematic areas including suffering, environmental protection, love, pain, mental liberation and personal development. The anthology has been titled *The Deep Dive: A Trip Into The Mind of a Free Thinker*. The Deep Dive is expected to have more than 50 poems by the author and is supposed to come out on December 27th this year.

The 25 year old genius is also currently working on dropping a spoken word album that will be called *Wonders of My Perception* whose video piece of the poem that takes the name of the album came out on June 24th. The album it self will has been written and performed by Sukali himself, and is expected to be available and out on September 19th.

Apart from being a wordsmith in his free time, Daniel Sukali is currently an employee of a Non-governmental organization; Emmanuel International Malawi and he is also an ambassador for Maphunziro265 Malawi.
Joseph is a passionate free minded writer whose free thoughts cut across the boundaries of religious, political and racial differences. The artist has infact demonstrated this in most of his work where the universality of inner struggle of all humans is a dominant thematic area.

You can get in touch with the writer through:
Facebook: Joseph Daniel Sukali (Mwenemugamba)
Instagram: Joseph Daniel Sukali @mwenemugamba
Twitter: Ntho’sPen✍️@mwenemugamba
WhatsApp: 0888375656/0998896206 Email:


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