Peoples Emcee


Artist Name: Peoples Emcee
Date of Birth: February 21st,1994
Birth Place: Chilomoni, Blantyre,Malawi.
Location: Area 23, Lilongwe, Malawi.
Genres: Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Reggae
Instruments: Vocals
Stage Set: Live Band/ Dj
Years active: 2010-present
Notable Events: Tumaini Festival 2016 & 2019
                           Nkhotakota Music Festival 2019
Label: Independent Artist
Social Links: Facebook @peoplesemcee
YouTube Channel:

Peoples Emcee (born February 21, 1994)is an independent rap artist based in Area 23, Lilongwe, Malawi. He started recording and performing music in 2010 and he has a number of music projects with various artists and producers worldwide, he performs live with a band which goes very versatile influenced by hip hop, jazz, rock and reggae elements creating an amazing explosive mix of sound on stage, he has shared stages with different acts locally and among the places he performed is Tumaini Festival 2016/19 and Nkhotakota Music Festival 2019.

Henriette Bru Guldberg, Booker for Nkhotakota Music Festival 2019 had this to say about his performance at the festival “Of all the acts I had booked, this was the one I was looking the most forwards to. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, I just saw on his YouTube channel that he was a skilled rapper, and I had seen his band performing separately, and knew they were good. After their concert, though, they were my favorite act, although they had shared stage with Peter Mawanga, Kim of Diamonds and Zathu – but these guys were really making the audience flip! I am so happy to have booked something underground and unknown that has so much potential, and we are happy to have contributed to bringing unknown talent out there! I cannot wait to see where these guys are heading!”


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