Chikondi Ng’ona Joseph also know as Podosky is a Dancehall & Hip-hop artist from Lilongwe who’s currently residing in Mulanje, born on 14/07/1999.

He joined music industry in 2018, that’s when he released his first collabolation track tittled Edzi ndiyopya, At that time he was a form 4 student at Vonken CDSS. The love of listening to music especially Dancehall, made he to start doing music of his own. More appreciative thing that forced him to join music industry was his best friend Don Matrian who by that time has already released 3 dancehall songs which were good and he inspired him that the can do it too.

Podosky belongs to music crew called MG ALLIANCE which they are five namely,
Shardon, Murphy, Lucky P, Roxy M AND himself.

So far, he has recorded more than 7 tracks including collaboration ones.


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