Sage Poet


Malawian Hip-Hop artist “Sage Poet” (real name Wongani Kawonga) from Lilongwe is a socially conscious Hip-Hop artist who started his music journey in 2004 and to date has six albums.
True School which was released in 2011 as his debut project to the industry, was entirely produced by RebelMusiQ. The second album Unsung Heroes was released in 2012; this sophomore project was a duo with his old-time producer RebelMusiQ. Unsung Heroes was a 10 track project followed by The Uncool EP of 5 songs, also a duo with RebelMusiQ was released in 2013. In 2015 he released Mastering the Pain Magnum Opus which was entirely produced by Dominant1 of Ill Electric Records.

In 2018 the rapper released yet another socially conscious album titled Alchemy. This project was entirely produced by Justus of Bass & Truth Entertainment and was recorded at Day Break studios in Lilongwe.
This themed articulate masterpiece had a strong subject matter dwelling on pre-colonial African history, pan African thought and precisely a brief history about the systematic oppression of people of colour, their roots, native spirituality and the relevant knowledge hidden from them in the mainstream academia about the Basic foundation of civilization that their forefathers established.

On 25th March Sage Poet and producer Justus released yet another joint project Secrets of The Secret which is themed around the seven deadly sins and gives a narrative about a dialogue between man and the creator over various challenging topics that seem to leave mankind in conundrum. The seven-song album is densely packed with religious, philosophical and historical references. This project was also recorded at Day Break studios in Lilongwe and was mixed and mastered by Nefter.



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