Shane V


Shave V real name Austine Nyoni is a Reggae Dancehall & Afro artist from Mtandire in Lilongwe. I was born on 17th July, 2001 and i am currently still doing my secondary studies at Mkwichi secondary school.

I started doing my music in 2014. My motivation for music came from the environment that I grew up in. I was always around with Don Tarz since 2009 when I saw him singing and going to studios i was getting curious that i should give it a try one day myself. Then in 2014 i went to studio and record a my first single track, of course people didn’t love the song as i expected but they loved my voice how i sang the song.

After that song i went on to studios recorded many songs up to now i think that music is my career. My first stage was Don Villah because i liked Don Tarz music but in 2018 i changed my to Shane V since i  now liked a dancehall start from Jamaica Shane O. My dreams and goals are to be like Shane V in terms of music.

From 2014 to now i have released 9 single tracks and i have done some collaborations with the likes of One Swinxy, Don Tarz and Negus


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