Simpli-Cit, born at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital is a Hip-Hop, RnB and Afro Dancehall artist from Blantyre, Malawi, Africa. He started doing music in 2011 and pro music in 2016 where he wrote the E.P Malawi’s Most Wanted (MMW) after unofficially releasing 1995 The Mixtape.

He joined Whispers of Doom baseline in 2013 and Released a couple of singles before it ended. MMW EP wasn’t recorded by then because of the budget it required. It was then recorded in 2020 after a financial recovery with Dare devil’s, Stich Fray and Blage on the production line. The EP was not officially released as it was a trial if people can really buy the art. It made profits and it was the cause of attracting interests from international record labels.

In 2021 he got signed with Stone City LLC records USA which has been a fail and contract terminated within 3 months after that. It was discovered that they wanted to use his talent for personal gains and not to help him Excel. Malawi’s Most Wanted EP is now on almost all streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube, amazon and for downloads on

Currently he’s working on a project named Project-TR which means Trio-Release project. The project will have threes EPs and they will be released in a row
1. Family EP
2. The Kitchen EP
3. Private Fame EP

The project is being produced by Dare devil’s, stich Fray and Leumus to be released later in 2021.



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