My name is Wonder Zangwa but am well known as Wandizoh the Hip Hop artist of Mdzodzo Pa Mndandanda. I stay in LILONGWE area 49 DUBAI and I am a businessman

I started doing music in year 2012 taught by the legendary dancehall artist Moscas Virus who is also the one who formed Njuchi Group (Dirty Central Clan) and Mdzodzo Pa Mndandanda together with BUTHINI.

When i was doing music, my goal was to become a dancehall artist but because of some certain steps took, i changed and I became a Hip-Hop artist.

Am in a music group called Mdzodzo Pa Mndandanda compiled with 9 members as follows: Heint, Kaisen, Khomera, Tassel, Khrist Jah, Carnip, Moscas Virus, Buthini and Me (Wandizoh).

So far I’ve worked on so many projects with my group and other artists like.

  1. Moscas Virus
  2. Kapadocia
  3. Postnegative
  4. Martin Anjelz
  5. Zuxus
  6. Chimalie
  7. Cacsy
  8. Fwataki
  9. Vygon

And much respect to the producers I’ve worked with

  1. Viwe
  2. SNO.B
  3. Special Dee
  4. Zexus
  5. Martin Anjelz
  6. Macia
  7. C.I.A
  8. Yung. Star
  9. W Twice
  10. Jeremy

& many more


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