[Lyrics] Kxng Lowkey – With All Due Disrespect


Havoc on a beat when I speak
Tell your homies last time i checked being fake wasn’t lit
I’m back From the underground to pass y’all a message
Cus I came for king, I’m rocking crown head heavy

I’m a horseman on top of the game
Horseman! That’s how it’s always been
A soldier ready for battle
From the bottom of the underground
(who??) A dragon from the dungeon
Who let the beast out hunters hunger i’mma kill em’
What I’m on is the next level of being niggary
Jotting colors to murder
I stab my pages with a poison pen
I let em’ know they ain’t as good as they thought

Don’t pay respect you can’t afford, I’m the last of the illest
Butcherman, i’mma murder your goats
I’ll hand em’ slaughter on a beat, I’ll baptize them
Before my pen touches paper, I rose above them
I’m none like them mama said I’m a king that’s my mantra
Frontline, death zone, in a box you will head home

Lyrical bullets, head shots when I speak
You kids stopping nothing with that bullet vest
My eye of a hustler, recognizes fake in you
Five eyes closed but easy I’m killing you
I pay no remorse for unplugging fake from feeling true
Say good bye to wackness on the rise
I’m back from the underground to tell you wussup boys
The songs that you making are trash there just noise

Find a better cause, carry on tradition
Live by the code
The true hip hop no gimmicks
Suck to catch a sucka play dumba’ than you mark
If you think your that hard, come swim with the sharks
Eagle, lion, on a beat I’m a dragon
Breathing fire on beats for as long as I breathe air
Behold, I am he who is bold
The Che Guevara with a mic is i



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