[Lyrics] Simpli-Cit – Dr. Dre


Dr/ Dree/
Yah/ If I had the money, connections/
Dr/ Dree/
Simpli-Cit, that’s the name, that’s the name/

Bus a brand new tune/
I’m on every frequency don’t bother to tune/
Flows outta this world reaching aliens in Neptune/
I got the flow but I don’t mean that one in my room/
I bring the meat on the table nigga take away your mushrooms/
See how I cut through/
My flow’s high/ Call it nyabingi/
If it’s about colours me and Marcus we pick red we ain’t sounding pinkie??/
Busy telling people you on top of the hills(heels)/
Oops? Are you talking about your gals shoes?/
That’s what I do when I’m in/
Trash in the bin/
The music nice coz I’m the instrument/
The issue men/
Is why do you sound like gals if you men/
We differ men/ Feed you more than what the college teach you men/
When we in/
We cause a famous drop to these men like/

If I had the money/
Connections/ All of the resources/
I was broke (Yes!!)/
Ofcoarse (Yes!!)/
Niggas trust me, if I had all of it could push things with no delay/
Just coz/ My level is Dr Dre/ *2

I know you know that I know it you don’t know/
How I knew it?/ You don’t know/
Puttin the 265(Malawi) up!!/
But the 626 wants some more(Mo)/
Dr with no medic, though I’m sick by myself/
Dr with the lyric, no syringe/
But I get the relief by myself/
Unfortunately I didn’t had the money/
Wasn’t the best but I’m the beast in rap/
They couldn’t hear me comin/
With no greetings, but I’m high bro/
I really see using my eye broh(eyebrow)/
I’ve been living great/
N’ eatin great niggas on every beat,
Amma die a pro/
Can’t be changed so easy like the paint on the war/
I live in a finished house but I still need that door(Dollar)/
Without me it couldn’t be rap/
I bridged the gap, Malawi’s on the map/
N’ I’m the Dre, aftermath I’m solving the rap/
To all of Dem wangsters I’m cutting the crap/

Back to HOOK

Dreeeyy,, Doctor!!!, Doctor,/
Doctor, Dreey/


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