[Lyrics] Simpli-Cit Feat. Bucci – Knock Em


Simpli-Cit/ Bu-bucci/
Aaaaa aaaaaahh/ aaah aahhh/

Kodi umatha bwanji?/ (huh, huh!!)
keeping up the fire on your body?/ (huh, huh!!)
You knock em niggas/ knock em bitches up/
You knock em/ knock em down uwoooo/ you knock em knock em up/ you knock em/ knock em down/ Gie gie gie/

All I need is/confirmation/ you knock the nation so im lacking patience please/ let me be assured that em niggas won’t take you from me/ huh/ You really in love with Simpli/ I hardly feel you can be a groupie simply/ you never did boxing/ but people been asking/ (so I tell em it’s the face that knocks em)/ talking bout your body nobody can really have that design/ these gals ge-en close coz you mine/ they’ve been expecting more than being pregnant/ but my mouth never tell em love statemnets/ cant be trapped with golden neckless/ or bracelets/ though im on a trap beat/ and that’s it/ Mmawa akadzuka kufuna kubanduka after looking at their original faces/ eisshhhh!!!!/

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All I don’t need is/ transformation/ from love to hatred/ doing everything to get such things prevented/ I give you all and I want the same reflection/ have you ever met a man who knows how to treat a gal just like I do/ French kissing just like I do/ everything I do is for you/ and now look at me/ (yeah)/ I know I flow better but you don’t tell me my flaws/ (of coarse)/ how would I know sometimes I fall/ (I fall)/ never break my heart though im broke/ (screewww)/ we suit (soot) like a nigga who smokes/ same direction like birds on a flock/ want you to be the first person to see when I wake up every morning/ 6 o’clock/ sprrruuuuu!!!?

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Chinkazi change ndicho bawunika/ let me make a video call uchione nanga/ im feeling her she feeling me too too nigga/ feeling too tall nigga/ take a step and you walk/ chooneka ndiwo/ koma simudya/ ine makaniko iye galimoto zonse ndikonza/ eeyyaahh/ maine Kalanga ndi mpweya/ (wona, wona)/ My bea yah/ ma member ena ndi Mbwelera/ wangayu ndi cream/ mpakana ndagwanda Jacquline/ring/ ten fingers on the hymn/(Gie/ gie)/I praise her so I sing/

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