[Lyrics] Simpli-Cit – Malawi’s Most Wanted


(Wanted*6)/ (Wa-wa-Wanted*6) /
(Kick it!!)/ Malawi’s most wanted/ (Wanted*6)/


Yeah/ Nigga I sparkle/ coz I got the talent/ Everything I spit is brand new check the milage/How can rappers be hard if they can’t prepare you porridge/ Being real doesn’t need ya to first get to Cambridge/But it’s the art/ that brings you the rappin science/ Imagine how rich I could be if my fans were buyers/ayt/ but still enough respect to those who give support/that tells the difference that we fly before reaching the airport/ we the continent land/ don’t be proud of your jackpot / for you to lose we didn’t someone/ to cast the last vote/ it’s only after a thousand bars when I chock/ niggas can’t learn with technology so I brought em the black board and white chalk/ ain’t no jokes/ watch how nicely I roll/ everybody a smiler coz I entertain when I talk/ recount the number of emcees when I chew/ I know it hurts when people say im king/ coz that means its nat you/ but its natural / that amateurs never mature/ even after years they cant match you/ so am nat sure/ if they having the future anymore/ living in the jungle cant make you scarily like wild animals/ and/

We/ give you the best/ We/ still impress/ connected to the media, TV’s, radios and press/
(Malawi’s most wanted*4) / (This the music that you wanna listen to*2)/
(most wanted*4)/
We/ give you the best/ We/ still impress/ connected to the media ,TV’s radios and press/ (Malawi’s most wanted*4)/ This the music that you wanna listen to/ This the music you want/ (most wanted*4)/

We/ give you metaphors/ your ears/are never lonely/came from the getto once a year we could eat polon/ wasn’t sure/ if Incyte was right when he said the system is corrupt/ now the pressure and intact with the getto interacts/ for adapting sake/ we started making good music/ we reach the heights that we feel like these rappers just confuse it/ skill nonsense / control your voices / you just making noise/ as from the start/ adding salt and fat our greatness exposes us/ thought you corrupted hip-hop to take fish without using em strings/ killed the old ones and left us when we was the offsprings/ now we grown up/ with excellence in rap we show up/ its like the doors were closed but weren’t locked up/
(Doors / weren’t locked up*2)/ Its like im sitting on the clouds/ everytime im on top/ I told ya that I am music/ and im the instrument that every producer have ever used it/

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