Ghetto Army – The Retaliation EP

Ghetto Army - The Retaliation


  1. Ghetto Army – Army’s Doctrine Feat. Sage Cannibal, Sacrifyz, Andy Gutta, GenoCide, Slacon D, Farai Wills & Slick John  Download
  2. Ghetto Army – Ghetto To Infinity Feat. Farai Wills, Slacon D & Andy Gutta  Download
  3. Ghetto Army – Bar-Barian Gear Feat. Sage Cannibal, Sacrifyz, Slacon D & GenoCide  Download
  4. Ghetto Army  – No Bullshit Feat. GenoCide, Andy Gutta & Sage Cannibal   Download
  5. Ghetto Army – Enemy State Of Mind Feat. Sage Cannibal, GenoCide & Andy Gutta  Download
  6. Ghetto Army  – Outta Control Feat. Sage Cannibal, Sacrifyz & Andy Gutta  Download
  7. Ghetto Army – Timeless Battle Feat. Farai Wills, Slacon D, Sacrifyz, Andy Gutta, GenoCide & Sage Cannibal  Download
  8. Ghetto Army – Everyday Feat. Slacon D, Sacrifyz, GenoCide & Andy Gutta  Download
  9. Ghetto Army – Terror Feat. Sage Cannibal, Slacon D, GenoCide & Andy Gutta  Download
  10. Ghetto Army – Ain’t Stopping Feat. Farai Wills, Sage Cannibal, GenoCide & Andy Gutta  Download




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