A brief interview with Binge | 07.11.20


On 07th November, 2020 Legacy Music Inc conducted an online interview with the Legendary Dancehall Artist Binge.
The interview went as follows:


Question 1:  Greetings Binge. Can you explain a brief background about yourself in as far as Dancehall music is concerned?

Answer: Yes greetings.I grew up around music especially reggae music.I have my uncle and my aunt who used to listen to reggae music a lot so I was used to this kind of music up to date. We also had a family choir way back in 1984 I was singing tenor sometimes alto. I was born in Zomba but grew up in Blantyre.


Question 2: Binge, 1984 its a long time back, tell us how old are you? And in which year did you start taking your music seriously?

Answer: Am in 40’s and I started doing serious music in the year 1998, this time around we used to participate in rap and ragga music competitions.


Question 3: From what you have told us, how many musicians are in your family?

Answer: We are two but the family choir included the uncles and the aunt’s. Me and my young brother Young General although he’s not active


Question 4: Great. How may albums or Mixtapes  have you put out in your career and what should your fans expect from you?

Answer: I have one studio album titled “Uthenga ndi zing’wenyeng’wenye”..one compilation album titled “Binge and the hip-hop stars”.its a compilation if singles that i did with different hiphop artists like L planet, L ceez (the late), Phyzix, Mwanache just to name a few.


Question 5:  So Binge, should we say that you became a musician because of your background or someone inspired you?

Answer: Because of my background music is in my blood. My mother was also a great lover of music.


Question 6:  So What’s next? should we expect any new project(s) coming out?

Answer: Am working on my new album and a DVD


Question 7: Are there any collaborations in your new album?

Answer: Yes of course, I am planing on featuring Martse, Lulu, Wikise and Kell Kay although discussions are still in pipeline but there are also some singles that i already did with Atoht Manje, Nepman and Mafo.


Question 8: Binge who do you see will be the next Dancehall icon in Malawi?

Answer: Mmmmmh Eli I guess


Question 9:  If you were given a chance to work with only one international artist, who it be?

Answer: Bounty killer


Question 10: Apart from music what other things do you like to do?

Answer: Cooking, travelling and watching wrestling.


Question 11:  Assuming that you are no longer interested in music. What will be your next option? or what would you be doing?

Answer: Haha am going to be doing music forever, its in my blood that’s why zimandivuta to change my hard-core style.


Question 12: Before we finish the interview, what advise can you give to all the upcoming artists?

Answer: They must be humble osathamangira ndalama, make a name first. It’s not easy to make a name don’t give up keep on singing, don’t expect to make a name in a week.

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