A Brief Interview with C-Scripture | 14.11.20


On 14th November, 2020 Legacy Music Inc conducted an online interview with the Legendary Hip-Hop Artist C-Scripture.
The interview went as follows:

Question 1: Greetings C-Scripture can you please tell us about your personal background and your music background. When did you start doing music?

Answer: In regards to my background I’m the second born in my family, I work with the Ministry of Trade and I studied Business Management & Entrepreneurship I’m currently pursuing a masters in Public Administration under Unicaf University and I rap a little.   I have always been a music person, cause my family is very musical. I remember my uncle was a very hip hop guy i grew around him listening to a lot of Wu Tang and 2Pac as time went by i was trying to sketch my own rhymes and tell your own story.

For me it was more  interceptive cause i had a lot to tell about how i feel about somethings in life and just my journey through life.  wrote my first verse when i was 8 years old so i can strongly say that, that’s when i started doing music


Question 2:  So we can say that, the environment you grew up in, inspired you to start doing music?

Answer: Yes sir it definitely did


Question 3: Have known you when you were hip hop gospel artist. What made you change to what you doing now? How did you manage to be here from that change to The 3rd letter?

Answer: I share my story and life, my faith and convictions and all that to me music can’t be categorised into “gospel” or “secular” because the music is made by people who have experiences and share them and if one would like to call their life a “gospel” experience well and good but imma be real about my life and how it is


Question 4:  how you came up with your stage name *”C-Scripture”*? What does it mean exactly?

Answer: Its a name that literal means “see scripture” the name came about from high school debates with the boys who id kick it with and some of the most prevalent issues we would chop up on would be Bible things so having Scripture as the fundamental basis for every argument homies called me see Scripture and I took it on and just put the C to it.


Question 5: So C-Scripture, what kind of Music do you do?

Answer:  Well the honest kind,  well I think music is about being true to self and sharing you and parts of you and thats the kind of hip hop I do im not trying to be anyone else or sound like anyone else I’m just sharing my thoughts and feelings on various topics


Question 6 : Well, C Scripture I’m sure you’ve been following the Hip Hop for queit a long time, Would you be pleased to tell us how you see Hip Hop(like what Hip Hop has to be and the motive of it)

Answer: Well Hip-Hop is an evolving affair no one can ever stand out to outline what its supposed to be we can however talk about how it used to be but as the times change Hip-Hop will evolve we might not all love it or like the direction of its evolution but everyone can get comfortable in their corner of the culture. And as for motive I think Hip-Hop should be motivated by the honesty of the artist PERIOD


Question 7: Can we proudly say that ku Malawi kuno kuli hip hop yeni yeni or it’s being diluted into something else?

Answer: Yeah I mean Hip-Hop is Hip-Hop it evolves and its been evolving here too the only thing is people here don’t really appreciate originality so you have to sound a certain way and be a certain way to be accepted here and its kinda my thing to poke at that while being me so yeah Hip-Hop is alive here but quite a few of it is in the mainstream


Question 8: Since you mentioned about “a few being in its mainstream” who are your top 5 Local and international hip hop artists



  1. Marvel
  2. Jinx
  3. Kananji
  4. GD
  5. Marcus


  1. Black Thought
  2. Method Man
  3. Havoc
  4. Inspectah Deck
  5. Ice Cube

I gotta say Slessor and Spokesman ought to get some mad recognition cause those boys Killing


Question 9: How do you manage your time doing music as well as working?

Answer: Its simple i record when I get a minute I just happen to record a lot of stuff when I get a minute.


Question 10: As a guy from Malawi,  Do you love your audience and the feedbacks they give you and how do you get motivated from their feedbacks?

Answer: Feedback is good it helped me evolve as an artist and I grow from it all whether positive or negative and in terms of audience I appreciate those that rock with me they are the real ones


Question 11: If you had a chance to do a music project with any rapper who inspired you who would it be and why.

Answer: Well I’d love to get in the lab with Scarface or Nas or Deadprez cause they’ve been great influences to me


Question 12: Any advice you can offer to someone doing hip hop but want to break through the mainstream

Answer: Keep it real! Real ain’t always pretty, real ain’t accepted, real ain’t always fun but real is real and you will get your minute just keep doing you


Question 13: C-scripture before we wrap up, any last words you wanna say?

Answer: For artists: Don’t try and please the crowd cause people forget and move on make timeless music cause even after you dead and gone people will still learn from your words

To music lovers: stay true to your people and push them to the top

It’s all love.

To book for an interview contact the C.E.O on +265884080460 or the Marketing and Finance Manager on +265884173589


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