A brief interview with Cozizwa | 05.09.20


On 5th September, 2020 Legacy Music Inc conducted an online open audience interview with the Lilongwe based producer and Gospel Artist, Cozizwa.

The interview went as follows:

Question 1: When did you start your Music career?

Answer: I have grown up doing music all my life. When i was a kid we could form bands with my friends. I remember was always beating cans as drums. I respect those moments because truly that was when the music in me was settling.

Question 2: Which 2 Artists inspires you?

Answer: Two is just a small number. I grew up listening to a lot of Guvna B and many other great artists. Local and international

Question 3: Miyala song is my best ever song coming from you..we need such kind of songs with deep thoughts and deep meanings

Answer: Thanks brotherman. I’m humbled

Question 4: Are you part of Nyali myuziki? I have observed that you do allot of collabos with the likes of KBG

Answer: I have never been part of Nyali music. But im very good friends with KBG. He’s a humble guy. Ive worked with him before and he has helped me a lot.

Question 5: Are you still working with 2kay? The other guy you started with.

Answer: Yes 2Kay and I are more like best friends. Releasing solo projects doesn’t mean we dont work together. I still produce all his music and we have a song coming up together. Actually im under a label called zozizwa which I and 2kay co-own.

Question 6: Any final remarks?

Answer: Rule number one, “Believe in yourself”. A lot of young cats believe in tagging along big artists to gain popularity. Dont rush to collabos with big artists. Show the world what you are capable of. Do a song, give it your best, do it alone. Let it be known because its you.

That way, you will be sure people love the song because of your efforts not the other big artist. “There was a point in time when i told myself that i will never ask for a collabo until i reach a point where bigger artists notice me and actually want to work with me. It gave me the fuel to work hard. Try it. It might work for you too”.


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