A brief interview with Khingi | 13.02.21


On 13th February, 2021 Legacy Music Inc conducted an online interview with the legendary reggae dancehall artist Khingi, and this is how the interview went

Question 1: Greetings Khingi‚Ā©, can you briefly give us a background about yourself as an artist.

Answer: Greetings. It all started during secondary school days there was a group of students classes ahead of who would perform at variety shows and would always have everyone talking about them. I got inspired and wanted to join but was told I was too young to be a ‘rudebwoy’. Well, years later I natured my skills and formed my own group and did the same. Never looked back since.

Question 2: What was the name of the group you formed, and if you can remember when was it?

Answer: We used to emulate Vic Marley’s style at the time and so It was called ‘THE HI-HO STORY’ and I used to call myself Vin Marley by the way. This was around 2005. We were 4, two don’t do music anymore but the other is Steve M’bwana the popular DJ Slow-mo.

Question 3: So we can say that the passion for music started long time back. Khingi apart from being told that you are not ready to be a “rudebwoy” (do music yet) what other challenges have you faced during your music career?

Answer: Yes it did start way back. I would say the biggest challenge is people who want to get the music for free. You put in work and end up with a ‘share the song tu pa whatsapp’. That for me is something I find unfavourable and still stands out as the biggest challenge to my artistry.

Question 4: As an artist what motivates you when writing your lyrics or making your song(in case you doing a freestyle)

Answer: For me, motivation is everything around me. Being able to put what i see around me into something someone can call music is a wonderful feeling.

Question 5: We all understand that many local artists are trying to get into international scenes. 1.Are you also involved?
2. If involved, what are you doing about it?

Answer: Ofcourse the dream is to go beyond the boarders. The first thing in that respect is the quality of work. And I can assure you every song that we put out is quality work. And I used the word ‘we’ because Khingi is a team of dedicated individuals who make comments on the work and give recommendations on how best the music should be presented. The second thing which has been missing has been videos and soon we are putting out a video for ‘proud african’ again it involves a team that will strives to achieve perfection. We intend to have this work exposed outside Malawi but its still work in the pipeline.

Question 6: So khingi, you being in the industry for so long, who are your best or top10 musician’s in Malawian?

Answer: Forgive me but the word best for me is always used when its about competition and I am firm believer of music not being a competition. I believe as artists we are flowers in a garden and we complement each other and form a beautiful garden. I however have lots of respect for Annie Matumbi for how long he has been in the music industry and I feel he is still relevant today as far as reggae dancehall in malawi is concerned.

Question 7: Looking at how malawian music is at right now, if you were given a chance to change things, what 3 things would change for the best of the music industry

Answer: Well,
1. I would take Cosoma to task, I dont feel they do enough.
2. I would ensure we have exchange visits to learn from how other countries are doing it.
3. I would strive to find better ways of dealing with piracy. I don’t think its punished enough.

Question 8 :How best do you look at the awards happening here in Malawi especially on dancehall artist category, how do you look at it is it correct?

Answer: I will be honest I haven’t really ever followed them. Its just lately that somebody told me about them. So I wouldn’t say much about it. But I feel It is a good initiative we need such type of events for the prosperity of our music industry.

Question 9: You have been in the industry for so long Khingi, what benefits have you encountered so far being an artist in Malawi

Answer: My answer to that is, I guess the best is yet to come.

Question 10: Do you think our producers are doing a great job or there is still work to do?

Answer: We have great producers and of course we have some who don’t know what they are doing. But am happy I have met only the brilliant minds in production.

Question 11: Do you play any musical instrument?

Answer: Am taking guitar lessons at the moment. Not that good yet but at least I know what a semi acoustic rhythm guitar is about.

Question 12: When should we expect an album from you dada?

Answer: Am actually working on album at the moment not yet titled but it will drop mid this year.

Question 13: Khingi before we end the interview, any words you wanna say? And what should your fans expect, except for the album you working on.

Answer: I would like to thank everyone who believes in our work and we ask for more support because we are about to make bigger and greater strides. And as much as you can don’t get the art for free. Pay up pay up.

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