A brief interview with L-Planet | 21.11.20


On 21st November, 2020 Legacy Music Inc conducted an online interview with the Hip-hop legendary L-Planet, and this is how the interview went

Question 1: Greetings L Planet. Can you briefly give us a background about yourself as an Emcee.

Answer: I Started putting out songs in 2007 but been an emcee for a long. Then formed Royal blood Army the same year and we are still here.

Question 2: Tell us more about royal blood army. How many are you in total?

Answer: Royal blood army is a kru composed of Emcee and producers from Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu. It started in 2007 as said, it started with me, Temple I and Tru Docssy then we expanded. As of now we are 10.

Question 3: How many EP’s/albums/mixtapes have you dropped so far?

Answer: Right now i have 2 EPs and an Album. many projects been focused on group albums and many songs which Just leak out in the underground.

Question 4: What’s the message do you give in your music? What do you preach?

Answer: I preach knowledge, wisdom, understanding spirituality and to keep the devils traps visible in a lyric form.

Question 5: As an old timer. How do you look at Malawi’s Hip Hop. Are we going towards the right trajectory?

Answer: Hip-hop lost direction long-time. Material things got the game and the children lost, they love vanity content than knowledge but salute to the realest chosen few who still keeping the culture alive. Its heading wrong trajectory which makes the devil happy thats why we maintain in the game to ressurect the mental dead about reality.

Question 6: Can you please give us your Top 10 GOATs. Malawi only

Answer: I don’t really follow many artists here. I just know mostly the ones I work with.. I salute Tru Docssy, Temple I, my man Third Eye, Sage Poet and kananji too.

Question 7: What should your fans expect from you? Are you working on any projects?

Answer: My new Major project Will come out January together with the grup album.. the works r in the pipelines as we speak.

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