A brief interview with Suffix | 12.09.20


On 12th September, 2020 Legacy Music Inc conducted an online interview with the Legendary Gospel Artist Suffix.

The interview went as follows:

Question 1: How has the journey been since you started?

Answer: No regrets. Ups and downs are ultimately for growth experience as an artist and I have seen that through my journey


Question 2: How long has it been since you started doing music? Has there been a moment where you thought of not doing music anymore due to some reasons?

Answer: I Started music 11 years ago but took a break in 2013 to 2015 and that’s the time that I thought I was going to quit.


Question 3: Do you mind sharing us the reason why you took that long break?

Answer: I was withdrawn from Catholic University, so I needed space to finish my studies and get discipled also.


Question 4: How do you compare the Malawian music industry from when you started to now?

Answer: I think so far so good though the industry isn’t where it’s meant to be for some reasons. At least now the quality of music (sound) has/is still improving. We have different producers who are doing a great job and I see a few artists taking their brand seriously


Question 5: What do you think the ones in the Industry (includes artists, managers, promoters, video directors, producers and organizers) should do to improve the Malawian music industry?

Answer: Personally, I think these ohns are doing well all we need now is investors and maybe also the government to intervene. Talent isn’t enough, Artists do need resources. I love what FDH is doing with Namadingo.  I hope other corporate’s will do the same.


Question 6: “Ndizichita” track. Was it really a response to David kalilani’s verse in manyazi track by achanza as it is speculated?

Answer: I think you should listen and hear if whatever I was saying in the song is FALSE lol then we can take it from there, otherwise NO I wrote that song in 2018 it was meant to be in my debut album but for some reason ndinaisiya kaye.


Question 7: How do you manage to balance your career/academics, your talent/art/fame and your Christian expectations/spiritual lifestyle?

Answer: Spiritually I am plugged to a local church; I have a pastor and a few friends in my small circle that I am accountable to. I have a flexible job with Young Life Organization that allows me to do music freely. I usually write music usiku.


Question 8: Do you partake producing your songs or basi mmene apangire producer?

Answer: I do, I used to produce my own songs back in university.


Question 9: Who are your top of the head 5 super talented but underrated hip hop artists in the country? No particular order

HB (I think if I am not mistaken)

I think I should mention 3 for now


Question 10: Can u briefly explain the concept of GHETTO NDI NYATWA

Answer: Ghetto ndi Nyatwa is a story of a frustrated ghetto kid (In verse 1) whose assumption is that every Jim and Jack driving their parent’s car isn’t a hustler or doesn’t work hard, hates mfana wa ku Mpanda for pity reasons.

Verse 2 is a ghetto kid explaining that he won’t use poverty as an excuse to be a third and he will try everything possible to make it out of the ghetto so that he can raise his kid in a godly way with his resources. And also keeping the politicians in check so that they are aware of the struggles in the ghetto.

Verse 3 is Sho Baraka concluding that there is one thing in common between the poor and the rich, that God is a creator of them all therefore we should love one another


Question 11: Have you at any time in your life felt underappreciated?

Answer: Very but I have learnt to be content.


Question 12: Suffix before we wind up, what’s your advice to the youngsters out there? And what should your fans expect from you, any new albums coming out?

Answer: I should just tell everyone out there to Be real, righteousness and relevant. To my fan I advise them to be patient cause I’m working it at my own pace but it’s coming out good

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