A Brief Interview with Trumel | 29.08.20


On 29th August, 2020 Legacy Music Inc conducted an online open audience interview with the Legendary Reggae and Dancehall Artist Trumel.

The interview went as follows:

Question 1: Trumel can you tell us your full name?

Answer: My real name is Truemale Bonnface. As Trumel artistical AKA Supadeal.


Question 2: When did you start your music career?

Answer: As early as before 5, thanks to my aunt and of course my mother, the very best. Anthu awa ndi omwe anazindikila luso langa before mwini wakene, so they made me realise it was not just for fun but an art for not just the benefit of my soul but to all. As i always say “Mine is a mission”.


Question 3: Trumel can you tell us how your music journey has been like over the years? Nthawi zina it takes years also to hear your new songs, chimakhala chikuchitika ndi chani?

Answer: My Journey has been like almost that of every artist, longest from the start, tough and rough but a stop-less. The fact that, this art of mine is an inborn, thanks to God, i happen to do it for the loving it. 
Ndipo ndizoona ndimatenga nthawi from phazi to linzake, but i am an artist amene sindikhala ndi phuma popanga zinthu. Wanga ndi ulendo osati mpikisano.


Question 4: Well Trumel, we all know that reggae is mostly associated with the Rastafarian Movement. The question is, are you a member of the movement or you just Reggae?

Answer: Ine ndi artist wa reggae and dancehall. Rastafarian is beyond being just a reggae artist. So a simple question to your answer will be, ine ndi oyimba wa reggae and dancehall koma siine wachikhalidwe chachi rasta.


Question 5: How do manage or we can say divide your time as an artist and a producer?

Answer: Yeah sure, those are big tasks that needs enough of ones time, but as in for me as i stated earlier i love what i do kwambiri ndizomwe zimandipangitsa moyo kupitilila. So to me artist and producer are more like one’s woman and kids, umayenera onsewa kuwapatsa nthawi yako munthawi yawo. Producing imandikulitsanso ngati artist, komanso being an artist ndi zomwe zimapangitsa kukhwima mu production. So mwachidule zonsezi ndi banja limodzi i make sure to make time for both equally.


Question 6: Trumel the recent song you have released misonzi cover what motivated you to do a cover for that song? despite the facts you said that you feel like the song is being underrated or forgotten. Are there any more reasons?

Answer: As an artist i also value the art of my fellow artists, but then i personally don’t just value to value, no!. So that song Misonzi, pambali poti inaphweketsedwa ndikuyamba kuiwalidwa mwamsanga (chomwe sichinthu chabwino) Its also a song that needs to be valued moyenela kutengera ndikukula kwa luso komwe kunaikidwapo. Lyrically that’s a very big songs


Question 7: You have been in the industry for quiet a long time, could you please tell us how you can compare the Malawi Music Industry from the you started to now?

Answer: Way back was better when comes to kupeza phindu with music, yes tisaname kunali anthu okutha kuimba, zamzeruso, but now ndi masiku abwino amene anthu anaponyera kwakuya from composing, to producing, we’ve moved the standard way too much, anthu akuyesesa tisaname.

We’ve artists oti atha kugwetsa ma artist akunja odziwika bwino, but sadly, let me not lie, music yapano sikupindula, there’s no market for music, if you are not for shows nde kuti zakuvuta basi, despite how good u are, it hurts. And thats sad, and thats why kuli ma artist ambiri abwino anasiya zoimbazi, ena ndi omwe amati kuimba izi lero mawa zina mwina kuti akwanitse kusangalasa anthu but thats what is limiting our arts, good artists are doing kindergarten music now.


Question 8: They are more new genres coming out these days, the likes of trap, how do u see the future of reggae dancehall here in malawi will be like in the next few years? Will still people be listening to reggae as they were in the past years or even having a passion to listen reggae?

Answer: Reggae will always be reggae unlike dancehall, for it is more versatile, it keeps modernizing itself but still never loses its origin. So anyways, i think in years to come, reggae will be there with more better artists than now.


Question 9: Well, Trumel is there any big project coming?

Answer: Yea, there’s always projects in the making, but in meantime my album is out, kusowaku mbali ina timakonza zimenezi. This is more than a compilation cause i’ve gathered works from 2016 to now.
So this is my third project, but second album, I had step ahead mixtape in 2012, then first album in 2014, and now its my second album Time settings.

Question 10: before we finish, is there anything you want to say to your fellow artists and your fans?

Answer: I can see my time is done here, but before i go let me thank you all for attending the interview and chatting with me, it has been an honor
To my fellow artists keep on pushing, osamakhutitsidwa ndi zomwe mukupanga now, strive kuti mupange zoposa za dzulo, even if they say mumatha man, that should be a fuel to top up the journey forward, and never stop putting up extra art on your work, its time to grow musical. Last but not list the most important, put God first, never let somebody lie to you, we are all under Him.

To my people, Truemale is there because of you, so more love to you, keep supporting, more works are coming.

If you want to book for an interview contact the C.E.O on +265884080460 or Marketing and Finance Manager on +265884173589.


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