C-Scripture is a Rap Genius and an Endangered Species of MC: A Review of The Third Letter Album


By: Joseph Daniel Sukali _ The Hip Hop Guru

Rap is one of the greatest mental sport that requires a high level of skill and excellence to earn you respect. Different artists bring out different skills and practice for years to attain a certain level of excellence. In Malawi some of the artists that have been able to attain this level of excellence include, Third Eye, Daredevils, Mfumu Hyphen, Episodez, Cyclone, Gwamba, Slessor, Hayze Engola, Classic and Krazie G. Most of these artists have put out bodies of work with excellence and have earned their respect in the rap game. The excellence in The Third Letter Album is undoubtedly the perfect step that gives C-Scripture, a Lilongwe based MC, a sit at the table of the respected ones.

The masterpiece contains 16 songs including 16 bars verses on intro and outro and a bonus track. The craftiness of the work starts from the tittle itself ‘The Third Letter’ which is C. The C is from the name of the wordsmith C-Scripture, real name Michael Chiphwanya. From the title going straight to the material of the album, the artist doesn’t waste time with useless talk in the introduction. He goes right straight into business and smokes a verse that brings back all dead rap legends to a ceremonies wackiness  massacre. The listener can tell from the intro that he/she is about to get lyrically mesmerized.

I will now break it down why I consider the album to be incredible. First of all, the production on the album is outstanding. It’s as straight as that. I have listened to the album more than 10 times on both speakers and headphones. The production is flawless. Unlike most rappers who just record in the hood from a bedroom studio of a friend, the MCA degree holder did his best to involve real producers. Both the beats and vocals are perfectly mastered on the album and the work is of higher quality than most.   

Moving to the next juice; beats and hooks. The beat selection on every joint is madly genius. He understands that it’s the beat before everything that gives a song it’s life in Hip Hop. He selects perfect instrumentals for every concept while still considering the emotions and energy to be poured out. This also goes to the hooks. He knows who will drop a perfect hook for every particular concept and beat. He took madly talented people that knew exactly what to do with the vocal codes wherever he was not doing it himself. Some of the guests who put out hooks on the album include Luzio, Ace Dirty, Khingi, Leslie, Jah Rhno and Nyau. From the beats to the hooks, C-Scripture embodies perfection on every single track.

The Hip Hop spirit in the rapper makes the album have a true rap face. The artist has the competitive rap spirit. He even out raps himself when he is rapping a lone. He doesn’t relax on every verse. He raps to kill and that makes the whole album interesting. From the intro, he sends a wave of shock that grabs the listeners attention. His energy and flow pattern are just off the grid.

Now coming to the writing and lyrical content, Scripture is a gifted and skilled poet _ A Wordsmith. He does not write just to rhyme or put weak lines in his verses. He understands that the backbone of his verse is not his decorated flow (oh yeah his flow is untouchable, ask GD and Hype) and spiting skill but the meaningfulness of the words in his lyrics. He hence writes strong verses with multisyllabic rhymes, metaphors, similes, oxymorons and uses Ironic punchlines just to demonstrate his level of excellence. He is not your average lyricist. He is a well decorated poet. Every verse on the album he puts in great work and it’s amazing.

When it comes to language of preference, Scripture uses English and he does it better than most rappers in the country. He doesn’t force the language and his tongue spits with easy like a Mamba. He would sell on an international market and trust me he would be your next favorite English rapper in the country. Despite being highly skilled in spiting in the Queen’s language, on the album in Salute, Encounter and Spread Love he mixes with a few Chichewa bars. He uses Chichewa wherever it is relevant and every Chichewa line is a punchline to the verses. He bodies everything with precision and perfection. It’s like he knew everything he was doing from the beats, writing and recording.

Another thing that makes the album a masterpiece is the collaborations. As a skilled and talented artist, the 26 year old artist only invited guests that are far from average. He has Mfumu Hyphen and Ace Dirty on one track, King Kananji and Sage Poet on another and GD on two tracks. What he does with the verses on the songs with these rap giants is just wonderful. The collaborations make the listener understand why this lyrical wizard deserves the respect.

Finally the beauty of The Third Letter Album lies in the content the rapper has. He has a wide range of concepts and he has stories to tell in each song. He drops 16 bars in every verse except on one song. Each song has 3 verses except the intro and outro and other two songs. The rest is bar from bar. No gimmicks. The album runs for almost an hour! Imagine that. That’s longer than most rap albums in the country.

From the craft on this album, it’s quite clear that C-Scripture is a rare gem and surely one of the last few from the dying breed(Rest in Power King Cyte). His album is an illustration of a genius at work. He is an artist that has what it takes to represent the country on an international stage. He is just phenomenal. Nigga is a beast. The Third Letter is a masterpiece and a must listen for every rap fan. It’s also a good body of work to take notes from if you are an aspiring rapper. The album is Hip Hop.

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