C-Scripture responds to David Kalilani’s Prayer


The Malawian Hip-Hop artist C-Scripture has responded to a prayer that David Kalilani said in a “
Prayer from David” song on Q Aura’s album.

After David Kalilani dropped some lines in a song from the new Q Aura’s Book of Auth II album where we was featured saying “‚ĶKuthamangitsa ziwanda mu m’dima/ escom mu mzimu ndimathima/ I’m a warrior like the angel Michael/ when I get on the mic I make you see scripture/ bipolar like a split personality‚Ķ”

The lyrics narrated demonstrated a word play by David depicting a number of personal issues in C-Scripture’s life for instance his (C-Scripture) father works for Escom and his first name is Michael plus he has struggled with bipolar depression. These lines by David took a direct and intentional shots at C-scripture and his life.

He then goes on talking like a cousin of God taking shots at The King’s Rifle and the late Karim Limumba where he was talking about the crash of the late Ginimbi’s Rolls-Royce.

The song by C-Scripture titled “The Ugly Truth” which is responding to what David Kalilani said on ” Prayer From David on Q Aura’s Album” is available for downloads on www.legacymusicinc.com.


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