Subconscious is set to drop a single



The track has a Jazz Melody that is played on Zodiak Broadcasting Station during elections. This is so to capture attention of the audience according to the message it brings.

Verse 1 is tackling political sentiments that most politicians promise but fail to fullfil. It is also telling people that we can’t change things by just depending on political leaders, but we should also be working hard as individuals. Subconscious goes to say “upeza bwanji dollar utangokhala apo ulipo/
Usintha bwanji zinthu utangokhala uko uliko/

Verse 2 is targeting youths. It talks more about common misconducts done by the youths in our/local societies. He goes to say “Mafana amu ghetto mwatasa mwajaira/
Mukangowona babie iliyonse mwavaila/”

Verse 3 is going back to reminding people about who we are…

Check out the buzzing tune as it drops tomorrow. The track will only be available on Legacy Music Inc.


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