The art and creative industry has been slapped so badly with the Covid 19 pandemic. It’s undeniable that most works of art are being held and their release dates being pushed forward in fear of the pandemic. This is not, however, the case with writer, rapper and spoken word poet Joseph Daniel Sukali AKA Mwenemugamba

The Mzuzu University graduate has been working tirelessly and has been putting out a lot of work this year. A few weeks ago he published the international standard book  “Dealing With A Heartbreak: Therapy For The Broken-A Health Relationship Guide” which has received so much positive response from the readers who have called the book “the relationship Bible” and a must read for any person who wants to start/find or keep a fruitful relationship and a must read for those who just got heartbroken from love.

Like this work (The Book) wasn’t enough for one year, the writer is now releasing his so much awaited Spoken Word Poetry Album on the 19th this very month. The creative genius has titled the album “Wonders Of My Perception” getting the title from a piece whose video he dropped on 24th June this year.

watch video here

According to the 25 year old poet , the album is not what it was supposed to be as he said; “I initially was going to put out 14 pieces in the album and sell the work, but I remembered I have a poetry book coming soon so I just chose to put out half the pieces and give it for free to my fans who have been really supportive lately. This album is just a taste of what the book The Deep Dive:A Trip Into The Mind of a Free Thinker will be. This is body of work that will change the perception of Poetry in the country because it’s more than just poetry but Psychology, Philosophy, Theology and Sociology.”

“Wonders Of My Perception” has 7 poems written and performed by Joseph Daniel Sukali. Some of the pieces whose lyrics have been read and enjoyed in the near past include “I Raped My Mother” and “Scars of Depression“. The artist has written over 50 poems for his upcoming book so far and many different articles. He has managed to get an international audience by successfully having his articles “Snakes Smile Beautifully” and “Don’t take it Personally” in the Writers Global Movement (WGM) magazine. His articles “Three Reasons Why Cheating is Non-negotiable” and “Love, Sex and Money: The Relationship Holding Trinity” have been published in the Mollywood Hip hop Magazine as well.

You can get in touch with Joseph Daniel Sukali through:
Facebook: Joseph Daniel Sukali (Mwenemugamba)
Instagram: Joseph Daniel Sukali @mwenemugamba
Twitter: Ntho’sPen✍️@mwenemugamba
WhatsApp: 0998896206


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