Joseph Daniel Sukali – Wonders Of My Perception Album



  1. Joseph Daniel Sukali – Wonders Of My Perception  Download
  2. Joseph Daniel Sukali – Where Do We Go When We Sleep  Download
  3. Joseph Daniel Sukali – Equally Human   Download
  4. Joseph Daniel Sukali – Dear Black Child  Download
  5. Joseph Daniel Sukali – Hooligan’s Dark Paradise  Download
  6. Joseph Daniel Sukali – I Raped My Mother  Download
  7. Joseph Daniel Sukali – Scars Of Depression  Download


  1. This is the type of art that speaks to your soul, young or old or in between. Very inspirational. Thank you for this πŸ™β€οΈ

  2. […] This week has been very sad in our country considering the numerous cases of sexual abuse. I honestly feel like we are loosing our essence as a people. Our humanity is slowly getting devoured by our animal instincts. We have no love for fellow human beings and we have lost our ability to use our brains. Say NO to RAPE. Don’t let your few seconds of excitement ruin someone’s entire life. Today’s piece is one of the most emotional pieces from the  Mwenemugamba Friday Poetry (MFP) Series. If you are joining us for the first time, the MFP series is basically all about giving you Poems from the spoken word album “Wonders Of My Perception” which you can download from the link below: […]


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