Lega Tee


Vincent Mghandira also know as Lega Tee Black-Lips is a Dancehall artist from Lilongwe, Mtandire.

The passion to start doing music came from a song Tell Dem Straight by The Dancehall Icon Khingi, who inspired him through this song and that was in 2013. He started making his own music in 2016, later on 2017 he joined a music called Zample Stars but due to some misunderstandings with the owner of the group, he left.

In 2018 he started his own music group called Zero 40 Clan which has 5 members as of now and these are Lega Tee himself, Fourty Tredai, Smadda Alcapon, Fidolida and Ben Dee.

So far, Lega Tee has released 7 singles and 1 EP titled Erase which has 7 songs.

The singles are Hello Mama, Never Seen, Originally Life, Ankolo, Facebook Likes, Pin Code, Yes I know, Crayven world and the latest Letter to her.

The Erase EP has the following tracklist; Blessings, Appreciate Feat. Carridozo, Tell Me Why, Better Leave It, Construction, Sometimes Feat. Black vesha and Erase.



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